Saturday, April 14, 2007

HuaJia YiYuan

This is a Chinese restaurant You should not miss!
Our "family restaurant" with a special story - we met for the first time at this restaurant and now we eat Saturday dinner here almost every week (before going to foot massage).

They have quite a large menue with meny good dishes. The food is always well prepared and the price is low. Try the duck rolls, grilled eggplant, sweet and sour pork and the corn pancake.

How to get there
From Radison SAS hotel, go left against Carrefour Super market until You reach the bridge over the road.
Go over the bridge and down right. Follow this small street to the left and in the end of this street - left side You will find HuaJia YiYuan (You can not miss the well illuminated entré)
. Can be crowded in weekend and You sometime have to wait a little before You get a table.
Telephone: 8451 8809

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