Saturday, March 31, 2007


My favorite Japanese restaurant in Beijing.
In the evenings You eat (and drink - incl. saké) as much

as You want from the Buffé menue and there is a lot
of dishes to choose from. The sashimi and sushi is very good
bot also try some of the chickens and barbecues.
Evenings You pay 150 RM (all incl.) and at luch 68 RMB!

How to get there
From Sheraton Great Wall Hotel, cross the 3rd Ring road and
go to the right and go to Kun Lun Hotel. Follow the big road
outside the hotel till first traffic lights (now You have Capital
Manison to the left on the other side of the crossing). Take right
at the crossing and walk one block until the road goes left and
right (T-crossing). Take left and You have Wasabi just to the left here in the
street croosing. There is a big Korean restaurant just to the left
on the "small aquare / parking" in front of Wasabi.

From Capital Manison: With the river in You back just walk over the crossing with traffic lights in front of You.
After one block You will find Wasabi to the left, just around the corner.

Telephone: 6462 6578

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